Book review: Quacks & Con Artists: The Dubious History of Doctors, by John Farndon, illustrated by Venitia Dean

Farndon, John. Quacks & Con Artists: The Dubious History of Doctors. Illustrated by Venitia Dean. (The Sickening History of Medicine series)  Hungry Tomato, 2016. $19.20. ISBN 9781512415605. 32 pages. Includes glossary and index. Ages 8-14. P4 Q7

The book explores the informative and fascinating history of the medical profession that led the way for the modern medical practices. It gives the reader an appreciation for the current medical practices.  With the current developments in research, who knows what will be possible in the future.  Illustrations provide a good visual to the text without being too graphic for a young reader. It was interesting, and for a child interested in the medical field would be enjoyable.

Verdict: The book is written well, but its audience may be limited to those already interested in the medical field and/or history.

May 2017 review by Deborah Gwynn.

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