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Creepy Cute Crochet (2008)

by Christen Haden(Favorite Author)
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1594742324 (ISBN13: 9781594742323)
Quirk Books
review 1: The designs are cute. Sadly, though, the instructions are not always the easiest to understand. I found myself quite often going to my mother, who's good at crochet, asking what it's saying and having her scratch her head a little. The diagrams didn't help much, either.Not for beginners. There are better cute-stuffed-thing patterns out there for newbies.EDIT: I tried another pattern. Cthulu (sp?). It was awfully. The stitches hardly matched up. It said I should get x stitches, but when I did the math in my head, there was no way you could get that number.
review 2: Very cool crochet book. Sadly I can't crochet to save my life, though the book does have helpful instructions. My brain just doesn't seem to mesh with crochet. I can say my mother, who is very good
... moreat crocheting, loves all the odd little creatures in it and found the patterns & instructions to be very clear. Well worth it for someone who can crochet, or stands a chance of learning it. Good book all around and I love seeing things that aren't blankets and sweaters. less
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A birthday present from my dear brother - will have to attempt the Cthulhu amigurumi!
A little difficult to follow, the directions aren't incredibly clear.
I've made a few of these things and they are too much fun!
Cute patterns. Easy to read. c:
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