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Szydełkowe Stworki (2009)

by Christen Haden(Favorite Author)
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review 1: A friend bought this for me as a present. It's perfect for a beginner but very boring for someone like me who has been crocheting amigurumi toys for a few years. All of the patterns are the same base pattern with the only difference really being the embellishments. I think there were only two in whole batch that I thought were cute. I only recommend for beginners to crochet and amigurumi toy making. But after looking at a few other such amigurumi pattern books I think that is frequently the case that the base pattern is all the same with very slight variation. I would recommend newbies or veterans looking for some cute patterns to check out the Ravelry website.
review 2: O MUCH LOVE! It's been some time since I've felt I had to buy one of the crafting books I'
... mored checked out at the library, but the little Cthulhu doll and his undead friends are just that awesome! Some of the patterning was inconsistent (there were not always stitch totals after each row, some times the same things were written differently in different parts of the book) but for inspiration and for actual amigrumumi guys this book was so awesome that I showed it to every person who crossed my path. And everyone found something to love in it! The finishing touches are also very well done. less
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Love this book, very good patterns and EXTREMELY easy for beginners!!!
If I learn and begin crocheting I'd make a few of these dolls.
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