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Wake The Wicked (2012)

by Christian Baloga(Favorite Author)
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Christian Baloga
review 1: Wake The Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales leads us beyond a plain spooky read. The book trailer intrigued me, and I had the suspicion the author was behind the creative drive for it as well. I interviewed Baloga, and reviewed the trailer on dreadfultales.com.Stand out favorites of mine include; Flesh Boots (I have an affinity for the German, dogs, and cleaning), Psycho Pharm (so terribly distressing and beautifully written in the tradition of Plague Dogs), Tremble For Me (which struck me as the most violent while being a commentary on popularity in the digital age), Savage Games (if anything, as a child, I avoided being monstrous and this lesson reminds me why), Dusk to Dust (fascinating visuals of powerful and wonderful women that remind me of the Soskas, Canada’s Twisted... more Twins), and Ripped to Ribbons, where curiosity caught the cat, but you will have to read on to see what dies.Without going overboard too often into visceral or grotesque horror, Wake the Wicked dips in and out of terror, letting us peek around shadowy corners into nightmarish landscapes. Delightful dark moments the reader is plunged headfirst into brilliant gore and at times relentless brutality. All the while, an air of tenderness whispers through the prose making every moment personal and vividly imagined. Intensely descriptive, it’s easy to take walk in his characters shoes, though the faint of heart may try to stop or run away from what they face.
review 2: If only you could give negative stars. First off I wish I had actually paid better attention to the reviews. I am 98% positive all the raving reviews are by the author. Clearly the first is, after it is followed by a "reviewer" with an image used by him for his books which tipped me off. After a little surface scratching I came to realize all but maybe one or two if the positive reviews are probably created by the author based on several factors. They all only have his book on their read/reviewed list for one. The couple that could be legit I suspect are his buddies. This ticks me off and is obnoxious and pathetic. I am so pissed I had a brain lapse and spent money on this.Best way to describe this book, middle school creative writing. You know when you had the 5 minutes in your English class to write a quick story you could then read to the class? Yeah it was like that. Although, I think I recall some of my fellow students having better story development then this. There is no story development at all on these and the "scary" parts aren't even remotely creepy.Usually I am nicer with reviews. I usually will keep my mouth shut if I have nothing good to say. Given the authors messed up methods to try and get people to buy this crap though I felt the need to speak out. Do NOT be fooled by the author created fake positive reviews!Finally, author, if you feel the need to reply as you or one of your alternates feel free but I will ignore it. You need to actually put effort into your writing and not try and pull crap over people's eyes to get more readers and thus more money. It will backfire. less
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I'm about beyond willing to give any book of mine in exchange for a copy of this.
not bad
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