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How To Knit A Wild Bikini (2008)

by Christie Ridgway(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
0425221938 (ISBN13: 9780425221938)
Malibu and Ewe
review 1: Interesting but sometimes confusing. Too much going on and not enough insight into the subject matter. The storyline should have stuck to the chef and her boss and the woman from the knitting store. The landscaper and the wanna be girlfriend could be completely cut out and the story would have moved along just nicely with all the drama that made no sense as far as I'm concerned. There's also another underlying subject matter that I guess goes to the next book about the lady from the knitting store and her background storyline.
review 2: Basically I attacked these books backwards. It's a series of three; I read the last, first; then the second, then the first.Each works fine as a stand-alone (something much easier acknowledged than carried out), but this was the
... more genesis of the series. Nikki has been a chef, but her knee injury is making it impossible to continue in her chosen profession. So serving as private chef to magazine editor Jay Buchanan seems like the perfect opportunity to rest her knee while still saving funds in hopes of a knee operation, someday...So what if Jay is something of a professional bachelor? The sparks between these two are hot, the backstory that holds these characters apart is plausible, and the sex scenes are delightfully steamy. It's a very fun read, but not devoid of serious issues regarding men, women, rape, and the effect of family upbringings. less
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Not too bad. But it did seem like it had a lot going on.
Fun, with flawed protagonists that I could relate to.
A really fun read!
Loved this series!
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