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Parenting Without Borders: Surprising Lessons Parents Around The World Can Teach Us (2013)

by Christine Gross-Loh(Favorite Author)
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1583334556 (ISBN13: 9781583334553)
review 1: (More comprehensive review forthcoming. Excellent, excellent book encouraging American parents, in particular, to step back and look at the range of parenting practices across societies and over the course of history, rather than simply holding up the current American norm as best (or even normative for humans) simply because it is the American way. The American psyches that we esteem so highly (such as self-reliance, independence, and toughness; and that do indeed benefit us in other realms) play into how we treat our children and what we expect from them and ourselves far more than we realize. This is not a parenting book; but if you can read between the lines, this is a good book to cross-pollinate societal parenting observations into actual, practical parenting practic... morees. This book combines so many of my passions, which earns it as place as a well-marked, heavily highlighted, paper copy resource for years to come.)
review 2: We can learn from Finland, Sweden, Japan, China, Germany, and others. Teaching children by allowing them more autonomy paired with high expectations is warranted. Kids will learn to pull their own weight before they become adults with this mindset. In addition, Norway speaks of "the blessing of a skinned knee" - the notion that children toughen themselves as they experience and overcome challenges. American parents must be aware of their tendency to be overly involved and must have faith in their child's own strengths. Finally, a successful child is one that can evaluate and regulate their own behavior themselves as they develop. less
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