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Mortality (2012)

by Christopher Hitchens(Favorite Author)
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1455502758 (ISBN13: 9781455502752)
review 1: I don't usually watch TV, but a couple of times, while walking past the TV, I noticed an opinionated Brit sharing his ideas. Christopher Hitchens was intense to say the least. He wrote this memoir while he was dying of esophageal cancer. Sometimes his raw descriptions of his losing battle actually made me squirm. (Such as when he described the bruises, lumps, and collapsed veins in his arms after far too much bloodwork.) The man was an atheist and never waivered in his unbelief right up to the end.
review 2: I like the edgy intellectuality of Christopher Hitchens. This volume of ponderings around his own 'battle' with cancer comprises an interesting attempt to intellectualise a very emotional subject. I think we can say it is not one of his best written bo
... moreoks, but definitely one of the most interesting for those of us reaching an age when our friends and parents are starting to get sick. I'm not sure if it is useful to recommend this book to those meeting maladies head on, but it may be useful for those of us who friends, family or lovers to those who are. less
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A huge loss for us mere mortals.
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