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Killing Ghost (2012)

by Christopher Ransom(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 3
1587672561 (ISBN13: 9781587672569)
Cemetery Dance Publications
review 1: I started off with this story and found it pretty interesting, but I did not find it that exciting. After about 200 pages I put it down and read a couple of novellas because the going was slow. After reading the two shorter works I then picked the book back up because I did like the premise and was hoping it would pick up, and it did in spades. It started to get more exciting, the things that we were shown in the first half of the book were explained in the second half, and they were not what I was expecting. So, I ended up liking this story quite a bit, and I am very glad I picked it back up. I found this to be an intelligently written story.
review 2: Christopher Ransom's latest, Killing Ghost, is creepy, very modern exploration of the psyche and self, dresse
... mored up in the trappings of a classic ghost story. Ransom exploits the first person narrative skillfully, manipulating the reader in unobtrusive ways. The result is a thoroughly entertaining - and often thought provoking - journey into a man's search for both healing and self-identity.James Hastings had a unique job. Working as a body double for the wildly and controversial white-rapper Ghost, James spent several years of his life pretending to be someone else. He dressed like Ghost, sported matching tattoos, walked and talked like him, even spent time in the gym matching Ghost's muscular physique.And it's a great gig. Pays for a life-style James and his wife Stacey couldn't have otherwise afforded. But exposure to the glamor and excesses of the entertainment industry takes its toll. James' script writing for his own work goes nowhere. He's on the road all the time. Stacey is left at home, slipping deeper into depression, relying more and more on drugs - both prescribed and illicit - to make it through each day.Worse, James is losing touch with who he is. Is he James Hasting, a guy lucky to land such a lucrative gig? Or is he Ghost? Who's the rapper, and who's the body double?When Stacey is killed by an apparent hit and run outside their home - while James is sleeping off another arduous road trip pretending to be Ghost - everything falls apart. James quits the life. Becomes a recluse. A voyeur who lives vicariously through others by watching them through a high powered telescope from his home. A refugee from life, in all aspects.Until Annette Copeland moves in next door. An attractive, scarred widow looking to start over. At first, this seems like the perfect way for James to heal, by starting over himself. But there's more to Annette than meets the eye. Her past is full of shocking half-truths and clever deception. Also, James can't shake the feeling that something lives in his house. Something left over from Stacey, a residue. And it either wants to get rid of Annette...Or take her over completely. But nothing here is what it seems. Not Annette, the eerie presence he feels in his home...not even James himself. It's said that truth will set one free. In this case, the truth may destroy everything James thinks he knows.Killing Ghost is a surreal and enthralling experience from page one. Ransom's deft narrative touch pulls readers into James Hastings's fractured world, leaving doubt about his reliability and his sanity. This one is not to be missed. less
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Very well written and tough to put dow in stretches; however, the story took too long to develop.
I just didn't care about the main character. But it was well-written.
(review coming soon to THE CROW'S CAW).
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