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Breach Of Power (2013)

by Chuck Barrett(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 5
Switchback Press
Jake Pendleton
review 1: From start to finish, Chuck Barrett didn't disappoint with this stunning political thriller, Breach Of Power. A story about locating the lost treasures of the past, that brings forth extreme danger to the highest-ranking official in the U.S. Government. Jake Pendletton is tasked to uncover & discover the mystery behind a journal chronicling the location of the "treasures" but soon he discovers that he isn't the only one after the book. Breach of Power is a gripping book that contains twists and turns, an exciting plot that keeps the readers turning the pages. I liked how Jake & his partner Francesca, got themselves entangled into sticky & perilous situations and how the mysterious murder kept me guessing until the end. Another great read from Barrett!
review 2:
... more Chuck Barrett has surpassed the thrilling twists and turns of "The Toymaker" with his latest Jake Pendleton saga "Breach of Power." Starting with a discovery made in an European glacier, the story crosses international boundaries that points directly to the White House. Pendleton must decipher who's involved, what connections are behind the forces that threaten not only his life, but that of the highest office in the US.Mr. Barrett's depth of research is evident throughout the novel and this reader was drawn deep into setting and scene as Jake traveled cross country to solve the mystery of the journal, needing to protect the integrity of the Presidency and the US as well.If you enjoyed "The Savannah Project" and loved "The Toymaker" you will be left breathless by "Breach of Power." The only question that remains to be answered is, "How does Mr. Barrett top this one?" less
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Very entertaining but just a little bit implausible; I would have been rated it 4 stars otherwise.
was a good read, but too many characters that did not enhance the story.
Fast moving story....loved Scott Brick's narration on Audible.
I enjoyed this very much. Kept me guessing to the end.
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