The Moon and More

My copy of The Moon and More

At every point in a person’s life, they must try to figure out who they are and where they belong in life.

Sarah Dessen tackles the issue of finding out where one belongs in life with her novel,  The Moon and More that was published in 2013.

Fresh out of high school Emaline is planning on having a quite summer in the small coastal town she lives in with her family, friends, and boyfriend Luke before she heads off to the local university.

Her plans for a calm summer come crashing to a halt, when her biological father comes into town unexpectedly after months of silence. The silence had started when he had failed to tell Emaline why he could not keep his promise to pay for her tuition at Columbia University. Now that her father is in town, she must try to make amends with him.

Things become even more confusing when an tourist named Theo comes to town from New York City, and requests that Emaline help him get in contact with a local reclusive artist for a documentary. Since Emaline is with Theo all of the time, this causes a tension between her and Luke that she must solve.

Dessen’s novel is enjoyable because she writes stories with issues teenage girls can relate too. In this particular novel, one of the main issues Emaline faces is her relationship with her biological father, a man she didn’t meet until she was ten years old, and never really knew in the first place.

Another reason this novel is enjoyable is because of the atmosphere Dessen creates within the small town of Colby. Dessen perfectly captures the point of view of a local teenage girl growing up in a small coastal town.

In The Moon and More, Dessen creates a realistic, and enjoyable coming of age novel, where a young girl just out of high school must figure out must figure out whether she wants to stay in the small town of Colby or go to things greater and beyond her small town life.

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