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Ringer (The Summer Series Novella) (2014)

by C.J. Duggan(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: A pretty good short addition to the Summer series. I'll admit that Ringer was probably the character I though least likely to have his story told. I thought Stan's story would be fit in somewhere but that seems to have been taken care of throughout the other books and aside from Adam and Ellie (the subjects of the upcoming fourth book), Ringer appears to be the last character standing. The story was short, but still well-written like all the others. I laughed watching Ringer trying so desperately to escape the lovey-dovey atmosphere in his group of friends only to fall into the trap himself with Miranda - the spoiled and stuck-up owners' daughter of the farm where he has taken a temporary job. Their constant prank-war and verbal sparring was fun and entertaining and I lik... moreed the dual perspective the novella was written in - something this author hasn't done before. My only complaint about the book was that it was short and I felt like Miranda never really sat down and dealt with her issues or what she was doing with her life beyond deciding that she wanted a relationship with Ringer. I also felt like I didn't get to see much of Ringer's story aside from the present - no family, background or anything like with all the other main characters whose POV I got to see from the first three books. This wasn't a bad thing but I think it definitely made the story feel a bit more rushed than the others and highlighted the fact that this was a novella not a full book. I'd still recommend reading it if you like the Summer series and are waiting for the fourth book (Adam and Ellie's story) to come out. It's a good quick read that I found funny and entertaining but I wouldn't say it's really necessary to read if you just want to continue on to the fourth book when it comes out.
review 2: Ringer is a novella in the Summer series by C.J. Duggan. Of course, it stars Ringer – who needs to get away from things after all his friends start settling down with girlfriends. He's tired of seeing his friends whipped. He takes the opportunity to help out his friend Max's dad – by working on his farm. He thinks it will be a good time to be by himself and not have to think about women. Until Max's sister, Miranda, comes home to the farm. I really liked this book, but I did have some mixed emotions about it. Mainly, it was too short! I think that this could have easily been a full length novel in the series. There are some hot and spicy scenes in this book – one in particular – but these happen while they still can't stand each other. We don't get to see a love scene after they both admit to themselves that they have fallen for the other. It's so frustrating!Most of the time, these two are trying to get back at one another. They can't stand each other. Ringer is a tough, stubborn guy and Miranda comes across as a rich b*tch. She is really, really bratty. Their pranks against each other are pretty amusing. But once that hate suddenly turns into love, I feel like the book just ends. I felt like there needed to be more of a buildup to that turnaround between them. Overall though, both main characters are bold and I think they are good for each other. I've only read the first book in this series. I felt like I was missing out on a little since I haven't read books #2 and 3, but I don't think it made a huge difference since each book focuses on a different character. less
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3.5 I didn't love this one as much as the others.
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short and sweet
Oh Ringer
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