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The Moment (2013)

by Claire Dyer(Favorite Author)
2.7 of 5 Votes: 1
1782062831 (ISBN13: 9781782062837)
Quercus Books
review 1: It's intriguing to look back on life and think about the 'what if?' moments and how things could have been different and this is precisely what happens to Fern and Elliott. They were lovers 25 years ago and meet again by chance in a busy Paddington station. They exchange numbers and arrange to tentatively meet later in the day. Elliott's day is then spent in his home town as he looks back on what he has lost; Fern, a promising career, his mother, his father to dementia, his ex-wife and now maybe his daughter. Fern reflects on her life as a wife and mother. While The Moment might not have a story that grabs you and zips along, the characterisations are beautifully written and poetic - I particularly loved Fern's memories of her sons and some of the more mundane moments spen... moret with Jack which might not be earth shattering but are still precious. It's very real and believable. We make mistakes, are flawed, don't always follow our instincts and have regrets but life is still full of love and happiness. Fern and Elliott are offered the opportunity to reflect on the past and perhaps take their future in a different direction - but do they? I found the ending satisfying, with 'something for everyone' and while I didn't love this book, I liked Dyer's writing very much and will seek out more from her.
review 2: This book follows the main characters, Fern and Eliott, over their busy lives for one day. Ex-lovers, they meet by chance at Paddington station in London and agree to get together again later that evening. As they go through the day, you get to find out what happened in 'the moment' all those years ago and that irrevocably changed their lives. Both are facing their own challenges - Fern's children no longer need her mothering role in the same way, and Eliott is having to cope with his own family issues. The book is well structured, well written and easy to read. You want to find out if there will be a similar life-changing 'moment' at the end of the story and this drives the reader towards the climax of the story. I'd recommend it as a book group read as there are lots of points to discuss (including the ending) and the author has also provided some thought-provoking questions at the end that might drive discussions. less
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This nearly got 5 stars but I just didn't like the ending. A shame as I loved the rest of the book.
Hmmm, fairly light entertaining read, Bit of a cop out ending.
Thought provoking but the end was a cop out!
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