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Josefina's Sin: A Novel (2011)

by Claudia H. Long(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 3
145161067X (ISBN13: 9781451610673)
Atria Books
review 1: It makes me sad that this book hasn't been read/talked about more, because it really is an excellent example of historical fiction. Not to mention that many of its themes, such as attitudes toward and treatment of women, are extremely relevant to us in the present day.This was wonderfully written, and Josefina's voice rang true all the way through. Her dilemmas, struggles, passions, thoughts, and aspirations are all well portrayed, and the 17th century Mexican court that is the backdrop is very vivid. I learned a lot about the history of that time and place that I didn't know before, and I had never heard of Sor Juana, who is a real and fascinating character.The title is perfect for the book as, by the end, it forces you to ponder what Josefina's sin actually was. I am loo... moreking forward to reading other books by this author!
review 2: Josefina is a typical woman living in 17th Century Mexico. Josefina has always taken care of the men in her life. First, her father when her mother died ,and now her husband, Manuel Coronado. She is a good wife and mother as is expected of her during the time period. Women of that time had very few rights. Josefina, like many women of the time period, dreams of more in their life. She is invited to the Spanish Royal Court. Through trial and error she learns much more about court life than she had expected. She finds herself in an extramarital affair with a bishop.The time period is so well written the reader feels as if they are a part of it. I could envision what the characters were eating and wearing, I could visualize their lifestyles and how hard it was for women of that time. I could understand how feminists like Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz could choose to step out of and speak about unspeakable things through poetry at a risk to her own life.This was a well written book. It is not one of my favorite time periods but the book was still enjoyable. less
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Both steamy and intelligent insight into an under-studied historical period. Great read.
When this review is finished I will come back and edit this.
Really Great Read.
I've had better.
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