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The Information Diet: A Case For Conscious Consumption (2011)

by Clay A. Johnson(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 2
1449304680 (ISBN13: 9781449304683)
review 1: Another I won't rate as I didn't get to read it completely before handing back to the library... I like the correlation between junk food and "junk" information, but I do agree with other reviewers- it was a bit redundant after a while, and I did feel like I was reading someone's thesis paper or essay, not a book. Also, was it irony or case-in-point that the references noted at the bottom of the page were lines-long URLs?
review 2: I was brought to this book by poor information-which is amazing in itself. It was suggested to me by a publisher and was not the information I had set out to originally find. That being said-I thought it started strong with ideas, but then slowed and I found myself struggling to get back into it. I think its worth a look, but unless
... more you have a desire to use the book as a thesis for an argument, or are really interested in the idea behind the consumption of information-might not be for you. I think its important to be aware of the ideas in the book and the author did a great job drawing comparisons, and being honest with the reader. But it's a difficult task to be clever and funny (which it definitely is at some points) while presenting a proof. I enjoyed the information, flow, and statistics-but I would rather describe to a friend the thesis behind it, than have them consume the manuscript. Which I think is one of the main points of the book. Overall a 3 star for me-I am excited that I read and absorbed some of the ideas in the book (and am hopefully a more efficient and educated consumer because of it). But I am not sure I would go back to it. less
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A nice book explaining some of the issue with contemporary communication and information
A quick, highly relevant and productive read.
Helped me quit cable
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