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A Beautiful Truth (2013)

by Colin McAdam(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 3
1616953152 (ISBN13: 9781616953157)
Soho Press
review 1: When I first started to read this book "A Beautiful Truth" my first reaction was "what on earth is this about??!!". However I began to realize that McAdam was using a lot of symbolism and comparing humans and the chimp’s lives. I believe he was trying to point out that we both have a lot of the same wishes and desires, we love, hate and just want to be happy. I found myself rooting for Looee and hoping his pain and misery would cease. This novel would be good for book clubs and classroom settings as it would invoke great ethical and moral discussions. I received this book through a goodreads give away, thank you for the great read!
review 2: This book was recommended to me by a co worker after she saw me reading a few books on evolution. I didn't realize
... moreit was a fictional book when I purchased it. I read the book in a week and I must say it was a surprise read. It was a bluntly written. There was a sense of personal involvement with each character, especially with the chimpanzees. There was a deep sense of loneliness through out the book, each character fighting their way through life, trying to keep it together as life unravelled each day. But I felt the deepness of it all when It came to the chimpanzees. As much as it was a book of humans and animals, my heart always fell to those of the animals. Their longing to belong to someone. To feel the connection with those around them. I have read many sad books, that always leave me feeling like my heart was torn out and stomped on. But I must say Colin McAdam wrote this book as if the words came out effortlessly. The sadness was understood, but did not linger. He made it clear as a fact, so I was left feeling sad, but accomplished and satisfied- as matter of fact- with a air of poetry! great book recommend it. less
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It was entertaining, but I'm disappointed that the author didn't really finish the story.
I couldn't finish the book! It was just a constant stream of bad life choices.
This book wasn't bad, but it just lost me in the end.
Awkward and disjointed storytelling.
Disturbing. The end
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