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Debutantes (2012)

by Cora Harrison(Favorite Author)
3.12 of 5 Votes: 2
1447205944 (ISBN13: 9781447205944)
Pan Macmillan Childrens
review 1: I didn't really like this book. I chose it in a book shop because Cora Harrison always appeals to me because of her Jane Austen style. However, the quality of writing was no where near to Jane Austen's quality. The story line seemed exciting to start with, but there soon was a twist, which at first grabbed me. However, this case was solved to quickly and easily, and after that nothing that exciting happened. To me I didn't find it interesting, and it wasn't a book that I looked forward to going to.
review 2: I was very disappointed with this book, and I really should be giving this book a two. I thought this book was going to be a light fluffy read about a girls journey on becoming a debutante, boy, was I wrong! That is a very small part and becomes part of the
... more book not right away. That situation took a backseat compared to Violet's two sisters and their "problems." Besides that disappointment I really disliked all characters in this book, except for Rose, Sir Guy, and the maid, butler, an chauffeur. I didn't mind Justin too much but he kinda annoyed me because he likes Violet and Daisy is so much sweeter to him. The thing that annoyed me most about this book was Violet, she was so annoying and such a B..., excuse my language! Also her sisters were always like, what does Violet want to do what does violet think and so on and so on. I would not reread this book and would not recommend this book. If you think you're going into a cute little romance book about a girls journey becoming a debutante you will be disappointed like I was. less
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No surprises, but a charming little novel with a love for details (esp. In fashion).
I have a feeling the cover is going to be better than the book but...
returned to library without making it further than 10 pages.
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