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Um Dia De Cada Vez (2014)

by Courtney C. Stevens(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 2
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Faking Normal
review 1: This book just really resonated with me. Alexi is dealing with some major life issues and not dealing well, but staying afloat nonetheless. A story of how things that look picture perfect often aren't and patience and kindness go a long way in life. This is a book with a Christian background that is in no way preachy like a lot of christian fiction, undertones of God and faith are there but only to build a couple of the characters. I can't really even express fully the words I have in my heart from what I just read today. There is so much that unravels in the story and although most of it is predictable, the truth of the words and story just really hit home for me. I do believe this is a debut novel for Ms. Stevens and I say, "Wonderful work! I look forward to whate... morever you come up with next."
review 2: This was one hell of a drive. I'm not sure whether to give this a 3 or a 4… so I'll settle for a 3.5 which I won't round. I'm glad that my main ship became true by the end and I'm glad that the conclusion was written the way it was written (although I wondered if it was too cliche to have everything come this way the way it did, but perhaps the author made us go through such a rollercoaster of conclusions so we can go "ah... so it WAS as I'd suspected!). Some things ticked me off during the whole story, but some others almost counterbalanced everything (keyword: almost). I'll write a better review perhaps once I'm better rested. less
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I am very glad that I went blind into this book. Reading it was a treat. A good dark-toned read.
Amazing; Compelling; Should be required reading for parents of teens or maybe just all parents.
I also want a BODEE in my lifeee!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Life-changingly beautiful.
4.5 I like it
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