Poetry: The Nightwatcher

Hey there! In case you don’t know, I love Stephen King. This poem dedicated to my favorite (or least favorite?) antagonist, Randall Flagg, and all of his aliases (because sticking to one name is no fun) and appearances in different books in the Stephen King universe. Hope you enjoy!

If you’re especially careful at that time of night,

You may just see what fills fellas with fright:

He’s dark and he’s slim in the line of a shadow,

And if you catch him just right, you’ll see his dark glow.


His aura is everything tapping and rapping,

Everything crapping and all things not napping,

The things which you wish were asleep in permanent,

And those which your fear may call its determinant.


In those dark devil’s eyes you see only the night,

The night which you see and what fills you with fright.

And in those dark times when you see him out creeping,

You wish that you could have still been gone sleeping.

But, alas, in his wake you lie pitifully awake,

And hope he not see you and your unquenching quake.


He is the Nightwatcher, the Walkin’ Dude of day,

And if you look in his eyes, you’ll fall as his prey.

Their blackness traps all in their evil web of dark,

His spidery needles but thin fingers leave a mark.

The eyes are not eyes but dark holes of despair,

Their evil doth seethe and penetrate the air.

He is the Nightwatcher, the Dark Man who preys,

And he is out hunting for you in his craze.

Hey again! If you enjoyed, please leave a like! My mind is scattered all over the place, so I always appreciate some help on ideas to write new poems about. (Or if you have a poem of your own, I’d love to read it!) Let me know if you have any suggestions in the comments!

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