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I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story Of The Music Video Revolution (2011)

by Craig Marks(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
0525952306 (ISBN13: 9780525952305)
Dutton Adult
review 1: Pulpy and full of gossip and drugs and excess, but also a very compelling cultural history of the 1980s including the business model of cable television, the racism of the entertainment industry, and how the aesthetics of a new art form developed from both commercial and artistic imperatives (mostly commercial). Really exploits the possibilities of the genre (oral history), and the roster of interviewees is amazing.
review 2: From "Video Killed The Radio Star" to "Jersey Shore" ...a nostalgic look back at a channel that impacted our culture. This book contains interviews with hundreds of executives, rock stars, Vjays and others associated with MTV. A fun book that takes an in depth look at what went on behind the scenes. It was fun going to YouTube and watching
... more some of these old videos knowing what I know now.I listened to the audiobook and unlike LIVE FROM NY this was narrated by ONE guy who did all the voices...including the female ones. So it was a bit disjointed going from one interview to the next with the same narrator. Not sure why they couldn't spring for a female narrator just to break it up. Cheap bastards! less
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Excellent, truly uncensored, with opposing opinions at times, and a damn good read.
Good history of the behind the scenes and the videos.
Way to long...
Loved it
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