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The Sweetest Seduction (2013)

by Crista McHugh(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 3
194055991X (ISBN13: 9781940559919)
Crista McHugh
Kelly Brothers
review 1: Stupid book. Complete waste of a good idea. Weak, passive, and ultimately stupid heroine who doesn't lift a finger and doesn't do a single thing, not one thing, to save her own restaurant. I found it offensive that she would sleep with the man who was possibly going to shut down her business. And the hero was presented as a smart savvy businessman, but the only business decisions we saw from him were stupid ones. Even his assistant was smarter and savvier than the hero was. I hate when a writer has her characters make poor decisions simply to further the plot. Also the romance was hurried and felt awkward to me. This is the second series I've come upon built around a large family with a novel devoted to each of the children. Is there nothing original in contemporary romanc... moree anymore? And can anyone recommend a contemporary romance with a truly smart, independent heroine?
review 2: This was another good freebie. Great characters, a good story line, emotions, some tough spots, some sweet spots, some aggravating spots, steaminess, meddling, and a fun and happy HEA. This was a really good book and I'm thinking more 3 1/2 stars. I really enjoyed reading this one and would definitely like to read more in this series. I'm hoping to learn more about the hunky Kelly brothers. ;) They sound like a good bunch. Definitely more than worth being free and a great steal. Good for the anytime read and more for the cuddle/snuggle or free time relaxing kinda book. This may be another author (they're coming kinda fast lately) on the look-out list. Totally Enjoy! less
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My first book by this author and definitely not my last.
3.5 stars. A sweet quick read.
Too graphic! No thanks
Sweet, quick read.
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