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Falling For The Wingman (2014)

by Crista McHugh(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 5
1940559936 (ISBN13: 9781940559933)
Crista McHugh
Kelly Brothers
review 1: This is the 3rd in Crista’s Kelly Brothers series and I think it’s my favourite so far!The Kelly Brothers series started with Adam in The Sweetest Seduction, then Ben in Breakaway Hearts and now we get to read all about gorgeous air force pilot Caleb in Falling for the Wingman.Caleb has returned from the air force to find a note from his girlfriend saying that she’s left him and in a desperate attempt to win her back he heads off to her backwater home town to find out what happened. Caleb hatches a plan to win her back enlisting the help of her sister Alex.I really, really enjoy a dual POV story and I really liked this here because I whizzed through the story and having both sides of it allowed it to become more rounded even at the speed that I read it. The story is ... moreset in a really familial feeling town and that is something that resonates with Caleb and his huge family, but something that also Alex feels the benefit of because of her outside role in her own family. Alex is tied firmly to the town with her beloved car garage and it becomes a bit of an underlying mystery about whether she would be willing to give that life up.I loved that Caleb enlists Alex’s help. The attraction between the characters is mutual but unrecognised on Caleb’s part at first as he is so dead set on getting Kourtney back. It’s quite a predictable read but it’s sometimes a comfort to have that in a book. There’s also a lot more to Alex than there is to her sister which is quite like the other heroines in the first two stories so she is capable of being an independent character.This is definitely my favourite so far and that’s probably the reason that I read it so quickly, a romantic read to be enjoyed on a weekend afternoon.
review 2: Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees…………. Once Caleb returns from Afghanistan and finds Kourtney gone and a note saying that she’s left him, he makes it his mission to make her see that they are meant to be together. Her emails were the one bright spot that he gravitated to while deployed. He doesn’t understand how she could have written the things that she did, only to leave him high and dry. He fell in love with the person who wrote those emails, and by damn, he will make her see that she loves him too.Once he arrives in Alabama, he heads straight to Kourtney’s family home, only to find her finalizing her wedding plans……….to someone else. Kourtney’s little sister, Alex, diffuses the situation and convinces Caleb to leave with her so that they can talk. When Caleb tells Alex of his plans for he and Kourtney, Alex convinces him to pretend that she and Caleb are a couple, which will cause Kourtney to want him back. After all, Kourtney doesn’t like to lose, especially to her little sister. What Caleb doesn’t know is that Alex fell for him a long time ago and she is hoping that once they spend time together, he’ll realize that Alex is the one for him. Not her egotistical, overbearing sister. The one rub? How in the world will she explain her deception to him? Will he understand that she did it because she cares for him and wanted to give him something to look forward to? Or, will things crash and burn before they ever get off the ground? Well my friends, you’ll have to read to find out…….Crista McHugh is a goddess. Her writing style grabs you and doesn’t let go. Once again she has written a wonderful story that starts from the very first word. Sounds corny, huh? But, let me tell you…….there is nothing gratuitous about the way she writes. You know how when you’re reading a story and the same point gets made 14,792 times and you’re like “get on with it!!”?? That doesn’t happen in her stories. EVER. She draws you in from the very first word with wonderfully written dialogue that has you clamoring for more. Alex was such a sweet soul. She owns a garage and is a mechanic there as well, and goes out of her way to help those in need. Not just in the garage, but in the town itself. She is such a likeable character and has a huge heart, and is determined to make her own way. She really is the antithesis of her big sister, Kourtney. Caleb, even though he was a little thick headed at first, was the perfect match for Alex. Along with their spot on chemistry, which burned up the pages, his willingness to ask his family for their input on the situation only endeared him to me more.One more time people…………… If you’re not reading Crista McHugh’s wonderful series, you are seriously missing out. And, once again, very well done Crista…..very very well done!! less
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omg this book was a page turner. couldn't put it down. waiting patiently as i can for book 4
Amazing story!!! Must read
4 1/2 stars
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