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All Our Yesterdays (2013)

by Cristin Terrill(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 3
1423176375 (ISBN13: 9781423176374)
Disney Hyperion
All Our Yesterdays
review 1: The book, All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terril, was very interesting.I picked this book up because the cover was interesting, the book did not disappoint. I loved the theme of the book and the ending was amazing.The characters were very believable and they seemed like any normal person, but that is one of the reasons why they were so interesting. Throughout the book, the reader had a strong connection with the thoughts and emotions of the characters. I would definitely recommend this to a friend especially is they likes these type of books. If the author wrote a sequel, I would definitely read it.
review 2: This story was nothing like anything I had ever read before. The concept of the story was so interesting that it really made me think. There were times when
... more I had to stop reading and process my thoughts on a piece of paper in my head, but that just proves that there were so many layers inside of this story. The characters are all described in detail and I could pick out the similarities and differences between the characters in the past and the future. I would really recommend reading this book if you want a little bit of a thrill, but still want to ponder the real meaning. less
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Wow! This book was packed full of wonder, ...never a dull moment of literature. Genius!
I think this book is a little confusing
Didn't get past chapter 3.
Didn't get past chapter 3.
Love, love, loved it!
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