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The Darlings (2012)

by Cristina Alger(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 2
0670023272 (ISBN13: 9780670023271)
Pamela Dorman Books
review 1: I really liked this book and thought it very well written so was surprised to see so many low ratings. After reading some of the critical reviews however, I believe I found an interesting pattern. Many reviewers, self proclaimed liberals as it were, complained about the actions of the wealthy characters as if they were real people. Normally this would be a compliment to the author in making them so realistic. In this case it seems to work against her, a sad commentary on what one would hope to be intelligent readers. Alger is obviously well acquainted with the financial community and explains what could (and does) happen in fraudulent dealings and how it affects everyone. I suggest reading this one with an open mind and plan to learn a few things.
review 2: I g
... moreot really excited for this novel. Timely and interesting subject matter. I got started and was hopeful but then the characters kept pouring in. There were just too many unnecessary people in this book. I liked the challenge of the book taking place from Tuesday before Thanksgiving until the Sunday after but I think it was too ambitious. It didn't work well, cramming in all those people, in that small time period. Alger is a fantastic writer. I just wanted this story to be better. I won't give up on the author but I had to give up on the book. I read on the train to work and I found myself preferring solitaire on my phone to her book. The minute I picked up a new book I was back to reading. This book stole a month of reading. Perhaps if I read this all in one sitting I could've followed all the characters, I could've enjoyed the book. I've never had a problem reading books 40 minutes at a time on the train, two times a day and keeping up. less
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couldn't finish. unable to care about the characters enough to continue
Story had a lot of potential, just didn't go anywhere.
Couldn't sustain my interest.
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