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Mason's Daughter (2012)

by Cynthia J. Stone(Favorite Author)
3.25 of 5 Votes: 4
Violet Crown Publishers
review 1: Mason's Daughter is about a woman who is determined to prove her husband's suicide was not intentional. She (Sally) somehow believes if she proves this fact it will cure her son of his self-destructive behavior. Being so focused on finding the cause of her husband's death keeps her from focusing on anything but the mechanics of her son's behavior. She doesn't seem to be able to connect with him in any meaningful way. The family dysfunction extends to Sally's dad, her father-in-law, and beyond. It took too long to get into the book and by the time it got a bit interesting I realized I really didn't care anything for the lot of them. Even the ending of the book is not really satisfying.
review 2: My book club discussion went into overtime with this intrigui
... moreng novel. We all have intense family stuff and this one spoke to us a on deep level, especially the flashbacks, which gave it a richness beyond the current story. Most of us didn't think it was important to like the protagonist -- sometimes we wanted to shake her, then hug her. Everyone picked the same favorite character, and no one expected the surprise climax. The family secret resonated with several in our group, because it's something families don't talk about. Hope there's more from this author. less
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Story line was good. I thought the writing was bad and some characters weren't realistic.
Incredible story! Well worth the read!
Free on Amazon 10/14/2012.
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