Reading up on the subject

I love to read. I like novels that take me to a different time and place where I can get lost in the story of interesting characters and conflicts.  Non-Fiction books tend to bore me and put me to sleep. This might have something to do with the fact that I mostly read in bed when I am tired, but I just prefer reading fiction. My daughter is the same way.

We were getting ready to take our weekly trip to the library and it occurred to me that there might be some novels about refugees that my daughter might like to read. I did a little search of Young Adult novels and found a bunch of possibilities.  Here is a link to the list I found:

Young Adult books about refugees

Our library didn’t have many of the titles on this list, but, one of the books we found was a treasure.


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The Good Braider follows a young Sundanese girl on a journey from her war-torn country, through Egypt, to Portland, Maine. Terry Farish’s free verse style of story telling paints a vivid picture of a refugee leaving horrific life conditions, family and tradition for a new life that holds its own challenges.

Reading this book gave my daughter and I a glimpse into what our future family member might be experiencing as we await her arrival. This portion of understanding and empathy may help bridge some gaps as we try to make our home feel like home for “Sister.”

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