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Last Dance With Valentino (2011)

by Daisy Waugh(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 5
0007275730 (ISBN13: 9780007275731)
HarperCollins Publishers
review 1: I have started and put down this book so many times I have lost count. However after reading reviews on here that once you get past the slow and confusing start it is imposable to not get lost in it. Which I must stay is 100% right, the start is slow and confusing, but I do think when I next re read it, it will make sense. Its odd because I have never loved and hated a character so much as I did Jenny/Lola, I found her lovely but her personal issues a bit dire. I really enjoyed the insight into 1920s America and the love story is beautiful and distressing all at the same. As the stories are both told at the same time, I would find my self beaming with happiness and then by the next chapter I would be sobbing. However this book really is beautiful.
review 2: I'm
... more going to start and try to leave this vague as possible. The first few chapters didn't get me hooked, but I forged on. Soon I was reading it every chance I was able and not conscious of it. Now, I know quite a bit about Valentino and the 1920's in general and even I started to find it hard to discern fact from fiction throughout the book. It is there of course, the basics, but Daisy Waugh blends it so well and it transformed right in front of me as I read it. If you know nothing before reading, know it will be heartbreaking because that is the essence of Valentino; that's his story at the roots of the book, but in Last Dance with Valentino even that is transformed by the author's note at the end. This has become one of my favorites. less
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Loved it great story combining fact and fiction. Thought it captured the era beautifully.
Loved it, couldn't put it down!
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