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Melting The Snow On Hester Street (2013)

by Daisy Waugh(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 3
0007431740 (ISBN13: 9780007431748)
HarperCollins Publishers
review 1: Firstly, this is nothing like the Great Gatsby, the only thing that links the two books is the time scale in the Hollywood section of the story. Secondly, the front cover is misleading to the content, this is not a full on story of glitz and glamour. I would say this is more a story of desperation and desolation.However, after saying all that, the book is far more intelligent and engaging a read than I was expecting, the New York story felt real and you could feel the deprivation and despair in the lives of the characters, that part of the story was far more interesting than the Hollywood era. The setting of black Thursday was interesting and the addition of famous names such as Charlie Chaplain and Greta Garbo added a nice flavour of the era as a backdrop.All in all, I en... morejoyed it and did learn a bit too, so well worth the read.
review 2: This book was not entirely what I expected. The Hollywood stars were all there, with all their decadence and secrets, as indicated on the blurb. But the story about one star, who had particular secrets drew us away from Hollywood that I enjoyed and was not expecting. It did take me a while to settle into the rhythm of the writing, which annoyed me at the beginning but the story drew me in. I had to keep reading to find out what happened. less
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i LOVED this book! i couldnt put it down... and then that twist at the end. brilliant
just couldnt get into this book :(
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