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Practice Cake (2000)

by Dalya Moon(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 2
Life in Saltwater City
review 1: Man this book was...Maddie was just all over the place all the time. She just made bad sudden decision after horrible decision. And I didn't get a lot of what happened. Like she went out drinking then her sister who she lives with was mad about that so she took the sheets to the couch mattress that Maddie sleeps on. So Maddie uses the shower curtain for sheets. I was just like what is going on? That was like the whole book - I didn't get it. She is going to break up with Parker, then the next day he breaks up with her and she is so heartbroken. What? YOU were just going to break up with him? I don't know. I didn't like any of the characters and Maddie seemed like she was on something the entire time. That and the show thing I didn't buy. Oh and he cookie she made up - who ... morewants more edges on their cookie? Not anyone I know. Ugh. I don't know why I even finished it, the ending was super lame.
review 2: This is a hard book to rate. Dalya Moon is a good writer and the writing is humorous enough to make you laugh out loud. The story however, is dull and very slow. I kept reading becasue I was hopeful and it is a quick read. I was 90% finished before it ever really grabbed my attention. The central character Maddie, is a young woman who goes to work at a bakery and ultimately creates a product that gets the attention of a food network producer. The story is about her and the people in her life including a high school boyfriend who dumps her for one of her friends, a hot co-worker who faints at the sight of a rodent and a sister who in in love with a repeat infidelity offender. You get snippets of information about these and other people and relationships around her but never with enough depth to make the story interesting. Very late in the book you learn more about her relationship with her stuff-hoarding mother which if introduced earlier might have contributed to the story. However, Maddie's internal conversations and musings over her life circumstances are very funny. I will probable check out another book by this author for this reason. less
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So thankful this was a free book! This was high school trash at its best...ugh! Painful
easy, light reading, great for the pool or beach.
A bit too crude for me.
Cute read
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