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Unlucky In Death (2010)

by Dan Dillard(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This short story was great. Hysterical with just enough edge to it to make it a little dark.What do you do when you're a freshly turned vampire with no fangs and faints at the sight of blood? You go see a shrink of course. What does the shrink suggest? Seek out your 'attacker'..not maker..a shrink doesn't believe in vampires after all. So that's just what David does. Can the surfer-dude vampire help David take his baby steps towards being a self sufficient vampire?Funny from beginning to end. You can read this in about 10-15 minutes as it is VERY short but it's well worth it. Creative and funny!
review 2: This is a fantastic short story that gives the Vampire genre a huge kick up the backside with the narrator not only hating the fact he's been turned but also
... morebeing unable to feed as he faints at the very thought of blood as well as being a lover of garlic (none of which bodes well for life as a vampire). So he seeks the help of a psychiatrist and in doing so finds his attacker, a Vegan surf dude vampire called Bob who helps him overcome his aversion to blood the only way he knows how. Simple yet thoroughly engrossing this is a superb read and I can't wait to get my teeth into Dillard's other work. less
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Very good story, a short story really different from the things you've read or seen about vampires.
A good, short story. Liked the voice of the protagonist, and the twist at the end.
Good vampire short story with an ironic ending. Good quick read.
Great read.
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