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Layover In Dubai (2010)

by Dan Fesperman(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 1
0307268381 (ISBN13: 9780307268389)
review 1: Every once in a while I want to read a thriller. I go to the library and randomly select some books. 90% are disappointments. Stupid first-person writing dripping with ego. Lots of guns n' women...and by women I mean redheads with hazel or green eyes with little gold flecks in them when our hero gets close enough to see. Ugh. But this one was a pleasure. The exotic location, a nice enough protagonist--the flap copy doesn't mention our Hero is an auditor! Hooray for auditors caught in some steamy, seamy business. Nice to not just read about the Jetsons-style skyline, but also about the poor stooges who build them. I am glad I took the chance. I read to the very end!
review 2: On his way to the Far East, Sam Keller has a layover in Dubai. Traveling wit
... moreh him is Charlie Hatcher, a fellow employee known as a good-time guy. Unknown to Charlie, Sam has been directed by Corporate Security to keep an eye on him and to keep him out of trouble. When Charlie is murdered in a notorious Night Club, Sam quickly becomes embroiled with Russian mobsters, crooked cops, prostitutes and politics. It seems that the corruption even reaches into the offices of his employer. As Sam is unsure of whom to trust, a most unlikely ally arises in Anwar Sharaf, a detective and former gold smuggler. With the help of Sharaf’s beautiful and rebellious daughter, they begin to investigate the infamous Dubai flesh trade. less
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A pretty good read really. A mix of big city undercurrents and traditions of Arabic life.
Quite enjoyable with Dubai in the centre role. Nice quick read
Interesting characters and an engaging story.
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