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Sons Of Wichita: How The Koch Brothers Became America's Most Powerful And Private Dynasty (2014)

by Daniel Schulman(Favorite Author)
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1478901144 (ISBN13: 9781478901143)
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review 1: Schulman writes in a family bio using a style that presents the facts and let's the reader make a judgement about the characters. The four Koch brothers took different routes and all but one became active not only in the industrial world of mining and oil but also the political world. Schulman makes it clear that the father -- the original millionaire -- was a fanatic about making money and influencing the political scene. He was one of the most powerful supporters of the John Birch Society in the 1950's. Three of the brothers continued that focus and most recently have become visible figures in Republican politics. The last one-third of the book provides details in how the far right has moved beyond the Birch years to have a very direct impact on American poli... moretics.
review 2: An exceptional and surprisingly intimate biography of the libertarian Koch brothers. It paints an accurate picture of the internecine conflicts between the brothers which makes the most intense conflicts in most families seem to be tea parties by comparison. The business successes of the three younger brothers are truly amazing and if there is one area that the book should have expanded upon it would be that. The political interests of the Koch brothers are fascinating and well portrayed in the book. Despite Harry Reid’s [the leader of the US senate] frequent attacks on the brothers as the republican party’s evils overlords, their actual political beliefs on many issues parallels his own more than the typical republican voter.An excellent read. less
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Much more interesting story than I anticipated. Who knew there were 4 Koch brothers!?!?!
These guys are dicks. Know your enemy...
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