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Sueños De Una Chica De Ciudad (2010)

by Daphne Uviller(Favorite Author)
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Zephyr Zuckerman
review 1: Won this in a Goodreads giveaway.It's a very light and funny read. The narration exhibits remarkable cleverness and wit from a female perspective. It borders on being a "chick" book, but I enjoyed it quite a lot even though I'm a guy--but I have to say that it feels like a book that a lot of women in particular could appreciate (not to be sexist or anything).The protagonist, Zephyr Zuckerman, is half Ellen Paige's Juno, half Tina Fey's Liz Lemon from 30 Rock--she's quirky, neurotic, imaginative, and very excitable (about everything, but especially about men--it seems like every man she meets, she immediately imagines what it might like to date or marry him). I laughed out loud at a lot of the narration, from one instance where she describes how her body changes in response... more to a single phone call, to another instance where having an unexpected visitor in her apartment makes her regret not having cut the teeth marks off of her cheddar cheese. I would say that there is a subtlety about the humor in this novel that might get overshadowed by the energy, vivacity, and apparent randomness of a lot of its prose.The plot is enjoyable enough, if a tad bit anti-climactic. Although a more exciting climax might have been out-of-character for the novel as a whole... I'm not sure. From reading the blurb on the back beforehand, I thought that one point mentioned there (that Zephyr becomes entangled between the FBI and the mafia) could have been left out of the blurb (as it's something that's introduced pretty late in the novel itself). At any rate, the plot resolves curiously, but satisfactorily.Overall, a very enjoyable read. I definitely highly recommend it!
review 2: So, I've had this book on my bookshelf for almost two and a half years and I have to admit that I only picked it up because I needed it for a reading challenge. And I'm so glad that I did...its just what I needed right now--something light hearted and funny--nothing deep or sad.I really liked Zephyr. And I have to say that we have a lot in common. Both of us took quite a while to get un-obsessed with our loser ex who just strung us along. Both of us have a huge imagination and are very curious. And hey, both of us want to sit on a jury! I loved her Sterling girls. What a fun group! But I couldn't decide on Gregory. I couldn't decide if he was truly a nice guy or not. Oh well.There was a nice little mystery in the story and I definitely didn't figure it out ahead of time, although maybe I should have. But this book was a nice light chick-lit story that I definitely enjoyed reading! less
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Mind candy for fans of Bushnell and her ilk, but with a distinctly more downtown flavor.
It was a fun, quick beach read.
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