“Theater on Ice”at Kingdom Of Dreams

This blogpost is about my recent visit to Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon.

Kingdom of dreams is the first to introduce the thrilling experience of theater in India.

I recently visited KoD to watch their new show- ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which falls under their newly launched “Theater on Ice”.

‘Theater on Ice’ as the name itself suggests, the theater acts are performed on Ice. Yes you read that right!

Four shows are added under ‘Theater on Ice’ which are- Alice in Wonderland, Dracula-The Story of Eternal Love, Arabian Nights, and Nutcracker and lord if the darkenss. The acts are being Performed by Ice Vision, a troupe from St. Petersburg, Russia, with a team of more than 25 actors and stars known world wide, Alexy Urmanov, and Irina Slutskaya are part of their team. Ice Vision is already famous for their unique style of performance and have worked with many leading music composers like Gennadiy Gladkov and Alexsey Rybinkov.

I was amazed to see such performance, performed with so much of grace and dedication. Performing theater on ice is definitely a challenging thing to do. The actors were so well prepared and played the act so beautifully that I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Also the projection, use of Props, the amazing light effects, and the sound effects, were cherry on the top.

Mr. Anumod Sharma, MD, Kingdom Of Dreams quoted, “We are proud to bring such a unique are form to India. Performance on ice needs a lot of practice and precision and the Ice Vision dues it brilliantly, such story telling is being performed for the first time and we cant wait for the audience to come and experience the grand performance. It is something the audience will never forget.”

The new shows will be added to the current schedule and Zangoora and Jumroo will continue to be performed.

This “Theater on Ice” will be performed for a limited period of time! So Grab your tickets and experience the feel at Nautanki Mahal of Kingdom Of Dreams. ( you can buy the tickets from BookMyShow )

I had an amazing experience there, I hope you’ll enjoy that too!

Tell me your reviews on the “Theater on Ice” on [email protected]

Will be back with more blogposts soon.

Till then

Good Bye

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