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The Indie Author Revolution: An Insider's Guide To Self-Publishing (2012)

by Dara M. Beevas(Favorite Author)
4.5 of 5 Votes: 5
1592985041 (ISBN13: 9781592985043)
Beaver's Pond Press
review 1: They say don't judge a book by its cover, but in this case, the content of The Indie Author Revolution is just as vibrant and engaging as my first impression of the cover had me assume. Dara offers all the advice that you would expect from a self-publishing authority, but the book is not bogged down with dry information. I loved the strong (and occasionally sassy!) first-person "I" and engaging interior design. After finishing this book, I felt so much more capable of participating in the self-publishing field, which before oftentimes felt intimidating and downright scary! There are so many tips that are so simple, I can't believe I never thought of them myself! I guess it comes with experience... or a book like this :)
review 2: A fabulous guide to navigating
... morethe difficult world of self publishing! You can tell in the pages that Dara M. Beeves is truly passionate about self-publishing and the work she does with authors. Her all-encompassing guide provides thorough information and checklists for authors at any stage in the publishing process. Furthermore, Beevas doesn't mince words or hold anything back--she gives all the industry secrets she can, at the same time helping authors get in the right mindset to self publish and do it right! less
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Very informative. An excellent resource for anyone even contemplating self-publishing.
It is a lot of good info, but sometimes its boring... But hey.. I am glad I read it!
Not very helpful for fiction writers.
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