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The Angel Of Blythe Hall: A Historical Novel (2011)

by Darci Hannah(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 3
0345520564 (ISBN13: 9780345520562)
Ballantine Books
review 1: Okay, so I loved Darci Hannah's first book the Exile of Sara Stevenson. I was excited to read this book. Honestly it was slow and boring in the beginning. It started getting good around the time the "Warrior of God" Gabriel appeared. From then on the book held my interest and I liked it. I also must admit that the writer had me believing along with Isabeau that Gabriel was in fact an angel sent from God to protect her because of her prayer to him in her time of need. I was very glad to discover he was a man of flesh and not some angel ready to disappear when his work was finished. I did think Darci did a great job weaving her story and connecting all the loops and twists. She's a talented writer. Just thought the beginning was a tad bit slow.
review 2:... more> Darci Hannah is a topnotch researcher, and an engaging storyteller. The heroine of Blythe Hall is Lady Isabeau Blythe who has the grit of a modern woman, the trained grace of a Lady in the court of King James, and the spirit of a scifi teenager. The bad guys are creepy, and the good guys are stellar. Dante Continari and Julius Blythe are a dizzyingly schizophrenic and delicious combination of both. The secondary characters are rich, thick Scottish wool woven around the shiny armor and velvet of the gallants. Maybe a little less bodice-ripping adjectives for the next book, but I hope there's a next book already in the works. Well done again, Darci! Dear Ballantine Books: whole-headed woman cover art please! Geez. Looks like the printer cropped it with a guillotine. less
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Over rated at 3 stars. Not as good as "The Exile of Sara Stevenson". An okay little beach read.
A little too much romance and a little light on the history for my taste.
Didn't finish it..was not interested at all.
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