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The Goodreads Killer (2013)

by Dave Franklin(Favorite Author)
2.24 of 5 Votes: 5
Baby Ice Dog Press
review 1: Given the title of this book, I thought I would love it! Also, the author just released the 2nd part of the story on January 7, 2014!Unfortunately, it did take me quite a while to get through it. I started it and put it down, then picked it up again... The premise is a bit odd and the story does get a bit graphic. The protagonist is an author who can not write anymore as he is obsessed with a bad review he received on Goodreads.com. He has an opportunity to exact revenge...If you are into revenge stories, you may enjoy this a bit more than I did!
review 2: Huh. Still trying to figure out what I just read. Glad it was a free. Here's the run down on Dave Franklin's short story about a 3 bk self pub author named Thomas.....Tired of vicious reviews on Goodreads esp
... moreecially by reviewer Bryan Acari (whose an aspiring author/musician), Thomas goes off the deep end one night. During Thomas's nutty pity party down by the river he's beaten up by what appears to be a psycho homeless man who threatens/directs Thomas to a pro-active agency that supports artists. This agency offers sympathy and a free solution of sorts for these type of negative reviewers..."off the dude". So Thomas does. In a very gory violent manner Thomas murders Bryan Acari and along the way has an unusual sexual encounter with the agency's secretary. If the story isn't strange enough the ending was a head scratcher. The agency's violent front man (the homeless dude from earlier in the story) is banging on Thomas's door with more viscous threats. Say what?!? Thomas followed through with the guys advice so I'm not sure what the heck that was about.Have no idea of the author's intent here. Was this satire? A parody? Dark humor? (trust me - it wasn't funny). A commentary on Goodreads and similar sites? Use of the internet? More than anything it appears to be the work of a self pub author sharing a revenge fantasy. And that's okay (again, glad it was free). I'm pretty sure most will interpret this story as preachy/messagey but it did make me dwell on the author/reviewer situation more than I would have. Would I recommend this novella to my reader friends? Uh,No! In the spirit of Obi Wan... "move along, this isn't the story you're looking for". And just leave it at that. less
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I ain't gonna read this book because of what it is about.simply not gonna go there.
What in the hell IS this crap? Almost makes me want to start reviewing again...
Goodreds Killer?...seriously?
Um... WTF is this?
Hell no
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