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Is That A Fish In Your Ear? The Amazing Adventure Of Translation (2012)

by David Bellos(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 3
0241954304 (ISBN13: 9780241954300)
review 1: Translation is a field that, for the uninitiated, seems complex, tedious and a recipe for insanity. But those with an interest they want to pursue need not fear, for David Bellos is here! Is That a Fish In Your Ear is a book that covers many fields of translation, all in an astoundingly accessible style. It's best used as a reference for specific things, but it's a book that one would not regret having on the shelf should a translator run into certain things.
review 2: An intelligently argued, broad-ranging and engaging text, that aims to show the central importance of translation to any form of communication. I'm not in agreement with all his arguments - especially towards the end as he limits the definition of translation to a much smaller sphere than it sho
... moreuld obviously be said to inhabit, and somewhat undermines his own earlier expansive view of translation. Nevertheless, a fairly fun, informative and witty book. less
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this is a really interesting book. It's funny too. Not dry like so many non-fiction books
Is that a fish in your ear... or are you just happy to see me?
Terrible title. an enjoyable book
Awesome. Review Friday.
Intriguing book...
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