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President Barack Obama: The Kindle Singles Interview (Kindle Single) (2000)

by David Blum(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: President Barack Obama Interview with Kindle is a total waste of time. He just said the same old, same old about how he hopes for the future; it is a shame he can't figure out one thing to do about it as President to make it better for us common folks that have had our retirement cut to one eighth of the projected amount when he first came into office. His policies have done NOTHING but reduce our income and make living in retirement a month-to-month struggle for the first time in our lives.
review 2: Clearly we all [should] want to hear what the president has to say - like him or not, he's leading our country and affecting our lives. So I jumped at the chance for a free download that would allow me to do just that. Unfortunately, although the interviewer does
... moreask some interesting questions, there are not enough of them and there is not enough new information provided to satisfy what I was looking for. Overall the substance of the content here is light - generalities and theories, not specifics. less
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A good interview. I believe a market exist for this type of kindle single.
I had no idea Obama had a sister ... seriously, no idea ...
Pretty superficial interview with the President.
Super short interview. Nothing really new here.
Nothing new.
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