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Firecracker (2013)

by David Iserson(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 2
159514370X (ISBN13: 9781595143709)
review 1: A young, extremely wealthy and rebellious teen is sent to public school after her latest scandal at a posh boarding school. This is a fun tale where the bad but good-at-the-core girl grows up and realizes she has more potential and a bright future if she uses her power for good. Some language and situations are mature, but overall this is a solid, enjoyable read if you don't let the details bog you down.
review 2: I immediately appreciated the voice of the narrator, but wasn't initially invested in the story. I put the book down around the fourth chapter, intending to return, but didn't return for a couple of months. I finished the rest of the book in a single morning because yes, it's just that good. The main character becomes more believable over the course
... more of the story and the way that she narrates the events of this segment in her life is sometimes hilarious. The book closes with an ending that makes a lot of sense, despite the fact that the main character doesn't see it coming. I hope David Iserson writes more in this particular market/genre/medium. less
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The writing is quirky and hilarious. I laughed out loud in surprise and delight quite a few times.
Astrid is a terribly written character with no believable traits.
astrid was such a horrible character, completely unlikable!
lets just pretend i finished this book
Unexpected. Violent. Adoration.
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