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I Predatori Del Suicidio (2010)

by David Oppegaard(Favorite Author)
3.23 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: Eh.... This book is a poor attempt at a mix of The Road, The Happening, and a little like the Matrix. The part like The Road: 1. a world where most of its inhabitants are dead. 2. A cross country road trip to find a population. 3. Marauders and crazy people. Where it fails: Cormac McCarthy was so visual in his storytelling that I felt like I was there. The Suicide Collectors starts off well with its visualization but about half way through it gets lazy with its description. The part like The Happening: the suicides. People being driven by an invisible reason to kill themselves. Well there's the jumping, the sleeping pills, etc. I was fine with the copycat of the movie until it came to the part where the guy shoots himself in the head and one by one people pick up the gun a... morend follow suit. Ugh!!! This is an exact rip off of the movie!!!!The part like The Matrix: the dream sequence with pops and "the source"If started off sooooo promising in the beginning but about 2/3 of the way through you can tell the writer became bored and was trying to hurry it along. For example. Once he gets on the ship he miraculously has everything he needs.I love post Apocalyptic books and this one looked promising but fell very very short
review 2: One of the oddest of the recent avalanche of apocalyptic novels, and one of the most imaginative. It's written with the lightness of a children's book. It has a remote, dreamlike tone, an introspective softness, a refusal to strike a dramatic pose. Despite a horrific premise and events, there is a prevailing mood of gentle, innocent fantasy; although the world depicted is bleak and full of death, it's not without kindness and even subtle whimsy. Refreshingly, the author does not feel obliged to explain everything, allowing the reader to close the book still enjoying and wondering about the strangeness of it all.Anyone expecting the kind of realism where the author describes at length the type of weapons and ammo his hero is packing will probably find the book a disappointment. Ditto for those who demand complex characterization, or elaborate plotting or sophisticated sci-fi concepts. It's a quiet, eerie, enigmatic book which should appeal to lovers of the surreal and bizarre. less
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Original concept with a strong Stephen King-esque undertone.
A stark, bleak dysoptia with a horrific ending.
A great book that made you think.
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