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Uncomplicated (2000)

by Dawn Robertson(Favorite Author)
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Vegas Girls
review 1: What is wrong with these people?!!! No one behaves like this or makes up the justifications that they do. Stop it, no one lives, talk, or behaves like this, even f they are current and retired call girls on the Vega strip!This story really is uncomplicated. You know how sometimes your reading a story and you just wanna get to the good part? Well, this story cuts out all that suspense and gets to the point. I am thrown as it relates toa concrete feeling about this lack of filter and many quick progressions left me baffled and staring. I keep wondering, where is the build up? While I keep thinking that this seems rushed, I didn't quite feel it. I am so confused!!! I don't hate this story, but it is a ridiculously developed and delivered one. The progression, conflicts, chara... morecters, everything is all over the place!Mathis ... first off, I hate his name. I kept thinking of the insect or whatever called the Praying Mantis. I did this every time his name was called. He is crazy with a bit of anger management problems and either he is using subliminal messages to get his way, or Jenny is such a horn dog that a few whispered words get her anywhere and place he wants. Once again though, somehow this works for THEM.Speaking of Jenny Sunshine, which is her real name by the way, yes, imagine my shock that it wasn't a skripper name! Jenny Sunshine is in the building with her bible thumping parents whose presence I can't fathom. They did a cameo in the first half of the book and then they were eaten by large Praying Mantis :)Ok, that last bit was a joke, but where were they?! They were totally M.I.A. for the remainder of this novel and life changing doesn't explain the month Jenny had. This book took a whole month to pit two strangers together and give them lifetimes worth of issues. Bare in mind, that at this point, you can count on one hand, how many sensible conversations they had, that didn't lead to a fight and/or sex. They were insta-everything. It took them 3 days time in total to declare their love. After that month though, there were more yellow tapes that the authors just decide was not needed, so we fast forward a year, get some stuff out the way, fast forward another year and called it a day. As I said in the beginning ... uncomplicated!I keep wondering if it's the Vegas heat that has fried every one's brain, but all the characters in this novel are either crazy, depressing, freaky or drunk. Efficient are these authors, because they gave us a lifetime worth of issues and friendship in 191 pages with enough issues and outcomes for an at least 300 page full length novel. Did it work? ... the jury is still out on that one.You need patience, a quiet corner, so people don't see you crying and laughing like a loon at all the crazy and ridiculousness that takes place and are discussed in this novel and an extremly broad, vented, open mind. They are depraved and surely don't reason like the rest of the adults in the world. On the bright side though, they don't believe in going to bed angry, so every chapter ends on a happy note. Oh, I hated you for 15 years? Worry not! A visit to my office and a half hour of conversation, we are right as rain and ready to face all life's evils together!This is a tight knit group, so with the exception of one mercenary type character, every one had their silly, cliche positions. Best friend, bodyguard, whore turned assistant, drunk, bitter ex. You name it, they had it! Let's not forget the underground life of a European born night life entrepreneur. Yup! Let the cliches reign!!!I don't understand much when it comes to the past and even sometimes the present of the main characters, what I do know, is that they both like dominance and are extremly competitive. Hence the reason they even ended up together. It always a battle for dominance with these two.I could stay here all day and outline this story with it's wild progression and crazy cast, but get some patience, time, understanding and try it for yourself, who knows, you might like it! It's not every day we get to see crime syndicates break of their own volition, just to get into more illegal activities on the Vegas strip o.O
review 2: I really liked how this book was very original and unlike any other book I've read. I think both authors did a really great job taking two somewhat unusual characters and turning them into very normal people that I really ended up loving.Jennifer Sunshine was such a great character. She was a very strong woman who always stood up for herself and always says how she feels. And Mathis...how could someone not love the sexy and sweet Mathis Verlinden? But they weren't the only great characters in this book...Jenny's friends Nora and Lori, Mathis' bodyguard Dean, and Jude (who I'm in a love/hate relationship with right now).I think these authors left this book open to so many possibilities. I am a little intrigued by Jude's story so I am hoping that they give us a look into his life, hint hint ;)I am very happy to have been given a chance to read this book. I am a huge fan of Dawn Robertson and her books and I am so happy that I've been introduced to Jo-Anna Walker now also. These are definitely two authors that you don't want to miss. less
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This book was ridiculous.
Couldn't put it down!!
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