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Family Affair LP (2011)

by Debbie Macomber(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 5
0062017675 (ISBN13: 9780062017673)
review 1: This was a pretty good book. It is a simple story about a girl who has gone through a divorce and is living alone and trying to make the best of things with her cat when her neighbors cat runs in and 'has his way' with her cat, getting her pregnant. Slowly but surely, she warms up to the neighbor, and eventually they fall in love. The story ends with Jack telling her he has to move, and proposing to her.
review 2: Recently divorced, Lacey moves into an apartment and begins a new job. Still hurting from her ex-husband's rejection of her, Lacey keeps pretty much to herself. She decides to adopt a cat named Cleo. Her plan was to breed the Abyssinian cat. She meets Jack, who lives across the hall and they begin a friendship. He has secretly admired her from
... morethe first time he saw her but her hurt has kept her away from meeting people. Unfortunately, his male cat named Dog catches Cleo when she is in heat and impregnates her. Lacey demands that Jack be responsible for half of the vet bills and for finding homes for the kittens. Their tenuous friendship begins to grow as they await the birth of Cleo's kittens. less
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A lovely story about a cat that brings together neighbors in an apartment building. Loved it!
Short and sweet. I was seeking a light diversion and this did the trick.
short sweet. mostly about two cats and their owners
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