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The Tin Ticket: The Heroic Journey Of Australia's Convict Women (2010)

by Deborah J. Swiss(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 4
0425236722 (ISBN13: 9780425236727)
Berkley Hardcover
review 1: Definitely a history book - so be prepared for a lot of facts, dates, etc. that wouldn't be in historical fiction. I have read another book from a man's point of view - historical fiction - "Morgan's Run" and found a great deal of intermeshing with the two descriptions of being sent as convicts during the early 1800's. This book, The Tin Ticket, was about the settling of Tasmania - horrid, terrible, reminded me of the concentration camps of WW11. Yet, in this case there was at least hope.The author followed a handful of women from their arrival to their contemporary ancestors. Quite an amazing story - and learning more about history is always a time of reflection and placing yourself in those conditions. No, I wouldn't have survived.
review 2: A fascinating, th
... moreoroughly researched topic but a difficult book to rate. Do I give it a four for it's research and details, or a three for the irritating writing and lack of balance? What happened to the editor? The initial pages are so full of florid writing (no noun appears without several adjectives attached!) and, for goodness sake - her name was AGNES - why do we need "the grey eyed girl" again and again?I nearly gave up but the topic is so interesting that I gritted my teeth, put off my Tutor's hat and pressed on. Lo and behold, the writing becomes more lucid! Did the editor not intervene or not notice the change and demand a retro revise? Then the ending seems rushed, Bridget is introduced right near the end and the other women became confused in my mind. Finally I have decided on a four because of important segment of history thoroughly researched but I did not "really enjoy it." less
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Enjoyed the history in this book. It was maybe a bit dry but the subject was fascinating.
I liked this book but the Tin Ticket actually played such a minor role in the narrative
I dont think I have read a better researched book. A great read.
This is one of my favorite books.
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