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A Hard Man To Love (2012)

by Delaney Diamond(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: I was a goner once I read the premise of this story. Girl is knocked up by a 'hard' man who forces her to marry him? It was a no-brainer for me. And this is a good story, a solid story. I like reading internal struggles, it reads for a better relationship and satisfaction after both people work for it a little. Eva, the heroine, kind of catapulted to Derrick's whims with little fight. And after I was half way through the story I didn't really seem his redeemable qualities. He just came off as a cold, jerk but he did seem to warm up. Don't worry. It's a HEA.I didn't like the unresolved plot line of Eva's father. But it was a a good short story...solid story. I give it 3 1/2 stars if I could.
review 2: I have been waiting for this book sense i read the last one "
... moreThe Temptation of a Good Man" i alway hoped Mr Derrick got his Story i knew it was much more behind the scene than it apperared more to the man than meet the eye.. an boy did we find about him in an a big way.. this book laughing crying all at the same time. Derrick never wanted to take the chance to love someone because of what his parents did to he took a look at his self an learned how to love but always said he was not perfect but willing to try an learn ..this book made me fall more in lvoe with him behind the Mr tough there was man with a heart and it took one woman to get him to admit it an it was miss Eva i like her too she was sweet but tough at times had to do what was best for her,..i want to say more but wont ruin it for others..what i will say u will not be disapointed with this book it was just as good if not better than the first installment..cant wait for the next one to come out hope soon i am very inpaitently wait for it.. good job well done.. continue with the good work Miss Diamond..books in order just incase u wanted to read the first one 1.The Temptation of a Good Man 2.A Hard Man To Love.. less
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I liked this one, I could feel the chemistry between Eva and Derrick.
Not a bad story if one has a few hours to spend
Loved this story too. Sweet love story.
Loved this! Love conquers ALL!
Loved it. Felt his pain.
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