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Scary School (2011)

by Derek The Ghost(Favorite Author)
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0061960926 (ISBN13: 9780061960925)
Scary School
review 1: This rating isn't really mine, per se (though I also thought it was entertaining). Both my fifth and sixth grade students loved this book and for their age, it's the most hilarious thing ever. The humor is exactly right for them. I had to lock up the book so students wouldn't try to take it and read ahead of our class read aloud. I mean, what a great thing to have to lock up though. I think that speaks volumes.
review 2: This book is fangtastic.The characters are fangtastic. who wouldn't like characters with names like Charles Nukid Ms T, Nurse Hairstyles, Ms Fang, Principal Headcrusher, and Dr. Dragonbreath just to name a few.I had a ghoulish good time reading this book.I highly recommend this book for all ages even though this is a middle book read.The ill
... moreustrations are amazingly done.There are no words to describe this book.I can't wait to read the second book in this series.I would diffently attend this school even though it has a high death rate. If the teachers aren't trying to eat you then the lockers are.Monsters and humans getting along together sends out a strong message to the readers. less
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I can't wait to do a book talk for this one. The kids are just going to love it!
This book is awesome!
i loveed it
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