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Amelia's Destiny (2012)

by D.G. Torrens(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
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Amelia Series
review 1: I read Amelia's Story in record time as I was totally absorbed by it. I couldn't wait to read this next book, Amelia's Destiny. D G Torrens writes with such openness and honesty that it is impossible not to be pulled in and want to hear her whole story. Once again I had to read it through with little breaks. It is compelling because you feel the desperation for this young girl, and then young woman, to succeed in life. There are moments when you feel excited for the new things Amelia is experiencing then moments when you feel deeply saddened that life can still be harsh for this tenacious young woman. This story made me hug my children tightly and, once again, wonder at a world, and its people, that can allow such awful things to happen to children. Amelia's determi... morenation proves that where there's a will there's a way; to never give up on your dreams. I highly recommend this book to everyone; some stories should be read.
review 2: This is actually better than the first book, which I gave 3 stars. It's a fast-paced adventure through Amelia's late teen and adult life. Her traumatic childhood was the subject of the first book, "Amelia's Story". I have to admire the author's work ethic and determination and the encouragement she received from some key people along the way. She took stock of what she had - seemingly natural beauty and good social skills to make something of herself, refusing to use her childhood an excuse. Any parent would be proud of her - except her own wicked mother. less
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I wasn't as impressed with the sequel to Amelia's story unfortunately. I felt it was rushed :(
such a tragic heartbreaking story but a beautiful happy ever after ending.
page turner but liked Amelia's Story better
Eh, it was just okay.
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