2018: Year to Radiate

2017 was the year of stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing through some mud. Stepping out of my comfort zone only happened a few times, but when I did… I felt alive. The world became bigger, there was so much more wonder than I knew there was. It was almost an out-of-body experience… then I’d go back into my comfort zone with all the things I knew but with a bit more perspective. Because of stretching out of my norm… my life shifted. 2017 was when I discovered my purpose, after years of working through the mud to figure it out. BOOM!

*goosebumps – You see, I would get so jealous of friends who had talent AND they got paid for it! Either their day job and sometimes, did work on the side to earn extra money. I wanted that. Coding, crafting, doing something I’m good at, and loved AND get paid! They had it and heavy-heartedly… I felt I didn’t (or maybe I didn’t understand just yet). I walked in darkness most of the year because of it. What the hell is my talent? How in the HELL do you find your passion?! BAH! [insert explicits and screams here]

Then one day in 2017 – SMACK! I was doing what I loved all along. My story is different than yours. Comparison is TRULY the thief of joy (I’m crying now). I knew what made me happy… why did I disregard it as my calling this whole time? Because it wasn’t big and grand? (sigh. more ugly crying) …*sips wine

My driving desire, what get’s me so excited and up early in the mornings… is knowing there is a possibility that something wonderful will happen, that just maybe, I’ll be able to spark something in someone else. This is my “why”. Whether it’s sparking happiness, new-found love of an old passion, spreading human kindness… but ultimately and simply, serving. I was doing it all along. My passion… is serving. And it spans across all my relationships at work, home and in my community. #reignite #give

I see little somethings in everyone and I get so excited. I see their heart, their fire… and all I want, with everything that I have, is to support them in their pursuit of that flame. I want their happiness. *goosebumps – (re)igniting one thing then overflows into the next, whether that be your work, relationships, etc. It shows… it’s absolutely breathtaking and contagious.

And so 2018… I dub you the year I radiate.

I want to be fully aware, intentional, of how I walk in my purpose. I want to exude joy, to light up whatever room I walk into and I want to (re)ignite all the souls that would die just to feel alive. I want to vivaciously radiate life – all its wonder, excitements and all the little things. I want to celebrate. Dance. Give. High five. Hug… and I want to love… oh-so-fiercely. Every day. For others… which ultimately fulfills me. (stop crying, Jenn)

Word of the Year:
1. emit (energy, especially light or heat) in the form of rays or waves.

Theme Song(s) of the Year:
Seasons of Love (opening from “Rent”)
Starlight (Muse)

For my first piece of business with radiating… I wanted to look the way I wanted to feel. So I got a new piercing… and a fitting new hair color:

Girl on Fire – #Radiate2018

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