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Lucien's Mate (2013)

by Diana Persaud(Favorite Author)
3.03 of 5 Votes: 4
Soul Mates
review 1: Honestly this wasn't too bad of a....story. I'd call it a book for it was too short for my liking to call it a book. The writer writes well, and it's a shame the world building couldn't go further, the story actually seemed interesting and I wanted to know more about the whole werewolf mythology. The story is quick to jump right in, engages, and the dialogue has good points and bad points but didn't sound fake. I could have seen this going deeper, Lanie becoming part of the pack, and what that meant. So while the story delivered, it could have been made better as a full book. There is a lot of sex, and that probably makes up a little more than half the story, which is why with just a bit more story building the story or plot points could have been more intense and delved i... morento further.
review 2: Lanie came to town to help her brother and his wife with their new triplets she never expected to find out that not only was her brother turned into a werewolf, and that he married one but that they exists at all. But the love she has for her brothers new family trumps everything else. Till one day she see's Lucien. Lucien is alpha to a neighboring pack and once he spots Lanie he knows right away she is his mate and will stop at nothing to claim her. But he soon realizes that a human woman is a lot different that a werewolf and he will have to pull out al the stops for Lanie.As Lanie spends more time with Lucien she finds herself falling in love, but she knows that a werewolf won't mate with a human so they have no future. The birth rate of werewolf pups have been declining and finding ones true mate has gotten less and less common so Lanie knows that the right thing to do is to move on without Lucien. But Lucien won't take no for an answer he doesn't care about rules, as far as he is concerned he is the rule maker. As Lucien sets out to claim Lanie others aren't so happy and want to stop them before they even really get started.This was a pretty good werewolf romance I liked Lanie and Lucien a lot I just wished that we had gotten more of them and their story in this book, especially sense the next book in the series isn't about them. This book sets up other character to come which was nice but with this being a novella that took more away from the main character so I can't decide if that was good or bad. Overall I enjoyed this book it had all I was looking for in a shapeshifter romance, it just would have benefitted more if it was a little longer. less
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Short, rushed but good!
2.5 stars
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