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Who By Fire (2008)

by Diana Spechler(Favorite Author)
3.29 of 5 Votes: 4
0061572934 (ISBN13: 9780061572937)
Harper Perennial
review 1: I grabbed this book randomly at the library and quite enjoyed it. I am of Christian faith and quite enjoy learning about other religions and I found Ash experience living as an Orthodox Jew in Israel a well written experience. This book had extream emotional depth concerning dealing with trauma, the ways in which people seek out other relationships and what people employ for simple survival. I read the book in a very short time and although it was deep, it was easy to continue through b/c there were appropriate transitions. In addition I found the additional question and answer interview with the author to be interesting as well. She references "The Cathcher in the Rye" quite a few times as an influential book. That book has also been quite influential to me as well.... more Perhaps the authors style of expression is similar to mine, which may be why I found so much connection, despite circumstances vastly different from any I have experienced. Well done!
review 2: WHO BY FIRE was different in a small way from what I normally read. I think ash was my favorit charechter manly because he believed in something no mater what it is no matter if anyone else did and he still stuck with it. I also like the way that even though (the Sister) didnt believe in what he was doing loved him enough to respect him in the end. I like how the story was more twisted by the mom than the younger two. I would never want to know what I would act like if one of my children didn't come home from playing outside; what a terrible experince to have to endure with no closure, and to have to question yourself as a mother. All in all the story was good with a nice ending. less
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First book I've read that really focuses on the Jewish culture. Interesting.
Tried and quit- dec '11- jan '12
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