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Factotum (Monster Blood Tattoo, #3) (2011)

by D.M. Cornish(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 4
0142419443 (ISBN13: 9780142419441)
Monster Blood Tattoo
review 1: I found the first book in this series to start slow, but by the third I was racing through it. Cornish creates a really extensively developed world, which extends to his naming and terminology (which is actually wonderful when a fantasy author takes it on), and I think it took me a while to fall into the language he used. This book was fast-paced and compelling, and many of the characters have become increasingly more interesting as the books go on. Looking forward to the next - although I know it could be a while!
review 2: Rossamund wanted to serve Europe as a thanks for saving his life from people who wanted him dead because he wasn't a norma everymen. But the people who wanted him dead didn't give up so easily, and kept going after him now hoping to kidna
... morep him for a reward set by an evil surgeon named Grotious Swill. So Rossamund and Europe left the country temporarily hoping that once they had come back from slaying monsters, all would be forgotten, unfortunately they were ambushed on the road and severely wounded. Then once they had healed they went back to get revenge on the ones who wronged them. less
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Something of a letdown after the others but as ever, 5 stars for the worldbuilding alone
the little boy in this book is a so endearing it's almost painful!
A fitting end to the series. I really enjoyed this story.
It was good. an excellent ending for the trilogy
This better not be the last in the series...
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